Outernet London

Outernet London

A state of the art Identity for a ground breaking arts and entertainment district.

We were commissioned by Outernet Global to create a flexible & unique visual identity for their state of the art immersive entertainment district in the heart of London. Embracing not only the modernity of the architecture but also celebrating the world famous heritage and history of Denmark Street. 

This ground breaking brand identity works alongside and houses a huge range of visual content from luxury brands through to showcasing a wide range of music performance and digital art.

What we did:

Clinet Outernet London

Design, Direction and Animation DBLG

Font Design NaN

The Brand Logo

At the heart of this brand identity sits a distinct isometric logo marque that drives all content navigation across the district. The Logo embodies the futurist geometrical structure of the buildings and the unforgettable eye catching  Tombac colour scheme.  

Brand Language 

We created a one of a kind, 360 content driven design system, with the flexibility to work across all Outernet media platforms, including Now Trending, Now Arcade, Now Vista and its flagship space The Now Building. A 4-storey high, floor to ceiling, 16k wrap around multi screen space making it the most advanced immersive building in the world.


Inspired by the unique structure of the master logo marque, we created an innovative real time design system that houses up to the minute content and footage. This twist motif sits at the heart of the identity and reflects the the unique nature of the district.


In collaboration with NaN two bespoke font sets were specifically created to be operate at multiple scales. From small-size online use to the largest 8k screens in The Now Building. 


Outernet Corporate is a geometric sans with angular detailing and a hint of British vernacular. Outernet Headline is it’s monospaced sibling, operating largely in display with graphic forms referencing the architecture at the central London location.