Channel 4

Channel 4 Rebrand

A rule-breaking concept for a brand that’s proud of taking risks.

We originated the concept and identity system for the broadcaster who’s famously Born Risky.

Creativity sometimes means having to break things apart before reassembling them. By deconstructing Channel 4‘s original iconic logo, we freed the blocks to reflect the brand’s remit: be irreverent, innovative, alternative and challenging.

What we did:

Agency 4Creative

Executive Direction 4Creative Chris Bovill, John Allison, Alice Tonge

Senior Producer 4Creative Louise Oliver

Executive Producer 4Creative Shananne Lane

Concept/Creative Direction DBLG / Steve Qua

Producer Natalie Greenwood

Design and Animation Rita Louro, Jason G Wiley, Marcel Piekarski, Eduardo Escanho, Marcos Savignano, Sam Trimitrimi

Font Design Brody Associates

Type Grid Layout Jacob Vanderkar

A universal brand system

We found hundreds of ways to introduce our blocks into all parts of the design system. Channel 4 were keen to keep it playful, surprising and above all, entertaining.


This innovative new direction was the foundation for the channel’s bespoke font, created by renowned design agency Brody Associates.


Completely developed and animated at DBLG, we created a flexible graphic system ready for any on-air scenario.

Pride Ident

Channel 4 News

Our system was also extended to Channel 4’s award-winning news show. It can be spotted in transitions, weather graphics and even the studio’s table design. 

“DBLG are bloody good thinkers, bloody good makers and bloody lovely people to work with. I’d work with them again in a heartbeat.”

Alice Tonge
Creative Director 
4 Creative