Freeview Commercial

Our identity for the UK’s biggest TV platform captured the collective energy of its huge audience.

Freeview is on every TV and in every home in the UK. But with such rich and varied content, the brand itself had become invisible.

Briefed by Anomaly London, we set out to create a warm, human, colourful campaign. The result is thirty visual worlds featuring the mesmerizing movements of 1,000 extras. Shot entirely in-camera, these commercials comment on storylines happening that day, providing a contextual and conversational heart to the brand.

What we did:

Agency Anomaly London

Executive Creative Director Oli Beale

Concept, Art Direction, Director, Production DBLG

DOP Marcus Domleo

1st AD Sam Le Page


Behind the Scenes / 360 Ian Allardyce

Offline, Grade, Audio Envy Post


After creating animatics for each set up, our producers got to work on setting up for this large scale shoot. With 1,000 extras and crew, 13,000 props and specialist wardrobe requirements, Freeview benefitted from our full-service production capabilities.

Final edit

The final films became a visually arresting backdrop to the ever-changing voiceover. The best bit? It was all shot in a single take.

Behind the scenes

See how our team expertly managed a 1,000 strong cast and five day shoot in sunny Bulgaria. 

360 behind the scenes

We took this amazing opportunity to film our cast in glorious 360. If you’re using Chrome, take a peek around this huge production and see if you can spot the unicorn…

“We used them to come up with the idea and then make it. Both of which they were brilliant at. I honestly think you could take any project to them and they would do something ingenuous. I would recommend this astonishing company to anybody.”

Oli Beale
Executive Creative Director 
Anomaly London