Hey Pressto

Hey Pressto

Three arms, two hairy chests and a bum crack. What better way to celebrate our 10th anniversary? Say hello to DBLG’s latest personal project.

Playing keeps us creative. We’ve always been chock-full of new ideas, so we teamed up with the talented folk at Animade to create, direct and produce Hey Pressto.

A party bursting out of a leg, a game of tennis over a bare bum crack and a nipple going for a stroll – it’s not your everyday brief. We teamed up with our friends at Animade to combine our skills in 3D printing, stop motion and digital animation. Using actors’ skin as a canvas, this innovative passion project is truly one of a kind.

What we did:

Concept, Design, Direction, Edit, Production DBLG

Animation Animade

DOP Malcolm Hadley

Audio Mutant Jukebox

Cast Miriam Babooram, Shireenah Ingram, Sophie O' Shea, Sandra Meunier, Dani Wolf, Jordan Okai, Frank Gordon, Tom Murphy

Behind the Scenes film Sam Davis


It took four months of R&D to get the right kind of stamp. Once we were happy with the quality, we directed the films with our friend, DOP stop motion wizard Malcolm Hadley. Huge thanks to all eight cast members who let us push stamps all over their body for three days.

Behind the Scenes

“I’ve been shooting on stop-frame projects for many years. I imagined I’d seen every possible material animated, but I’d never seen a treatment like this!”

Malcolm Hadley
Director of Photography