Charles Jeffrey

Digital Souls

A creative adventure through the digital guise of the spirited fashion brand LOVERBOY

We were invited by fashion brand LOVERBOY to create an experimental film which threads the radical possibilities of cutting edge technology with a cerebral study of fashion and identity. We merged original illustrations from Charles Jeffrey with photogrammetry and CG animation, resulting in a fashion film that embraces the brand’s queer spirit.

The accompanying Zine, Digital Souls is a melting pot narration of the processes behind the film’s production, explores the scope to explain a digital world within a physically rendered, 2d space.

What we did:

Client Charles Jeffrey

Design, Direction and Animation DBLG

Photogrammetry Patch Perez

Models @Sebfgl & @Taliable

Audio Design Ideosound

Piano Jacob Mallinson Bird

Makeup Phoebe Walters

Hair Christopher Gatt

Styling Charles Jeffrey

Digital Souls

The accompanying Zine is a creative visual narration of the processes behind the film’s production. Includes clay typography, torn collage work, gestural illustration and playful graphic led garment designs. Designed by Talia Beale