ITV Creates

A constantly reinventing identity, for a much loved British TV institution.

For over 63 years ITV has been the biggest and most popular commercial television channel in the UK. As part of a new on screen identity project ITV Creates, our brief was simply to highlight ITV’s commitment to endless creativity. In response we created a more ‘crafted’ on screen identity with a new cut out three layered logo, that runs through the heart of the channels navigation.

What we did:

Client ITV Creative

Concept, Design, Direction, Production. DBLG

Animation DBLG, Marcos Savignano, Sam Cisternino

Design layouts and Style guide Dan Bown


From 1st January 2019, ITV’s on-screen idents will change every week, in a project that is intended to emphasise and reflect the creativity at the heart of the broadcaster’s business.


In response we created a colourful and adaptable on screen presentation system that uses a tactile three layered logo system that adapts itself to all junction possibilities.


We created dozens of energetic and colourful variations to bookend the junctions between commercial breaks.


Our original idea was to visualise an entire junction from different materials such as painted plywood and plastic panels. To sell in the idea we filmed numerous test using objects found around the studio.