giffgaff Sponsorship

Working with rule breaking mobile network giffgaff, to create an updatable sponsorship package for The Voice.

giffgaff is the ‘mobile network run by you’ so rather than making sponsorship idents all about the brand we made them all about their lovely community. giffgaff love chatting with their members, so we developed a fun and updatable package to visualise the community and their tweets. Creating a system that was visually driven by the viewers of the Saturday night prime time tv show.

What we did:

Concept, Design, Direction, Production, Post DBLG

DOP Marcus Domleo

Art Department Almost Everything

Agency Tracy Stokes @ Like Minded Individuals

Post Production DBLG & Envy

Sound Design Dugal Macdiarmid @Wave Studios

Hand Models Eleanor and Ashley @ Hired Hands

BTS Really Nice Content


Filming over a week, we created 162 individual idents using an updatable modular kit of parts. We update this package weekly which means you never see the same thing twice. Never boring and always fun to look at.

Social integrationĀ 

The overall design was created with social media in mind. By creating an updatable social template, comments and information could be quickly integrated into conversations with the giffgaff members.

The Crystal MazeĀ 

We also created a bespoke design for the sponsorship of Channel 4’s cult tv series The Crystal Maze, which drew inspiration from the various Zones within the game.

“DBLG are epic, an absolute joy to work with. Their creative ideas and slick production really gave our giffgaff community a loud, vibrant and colourful voice.”

Abi Pearl
Head of Advertising