Decca Classics

Strings Attached

We were commissioned by legendary music label Decca Classics to celebrate their rich repertoire of string artists.

Decca Classics needs no introduction. Home to classical music legends, we were asked to showcase the very best of their string artists. But how do you create a visual world when the music is so rich in its own right?

Our creative strategy delved into the emotional journey that only string music can take you on. The highs, lows, and the implicit tensions are flaunted in this experimental animation.

What we did:

Client Decca Classics

Design & Animation DBLG, Jason G Wiley


As with any brief, our whole team makes sure they dive into the world of the brand. We were treated to a skin-tingling performance by violinist Janine Jansen. The purity of the Stradivarius violin and Janine’s skill transported us to rich world, and we got cracking with R&D.


After visualising the pattern of sounds, we went on to animate and produce a rich map of the music. The result is a bright, immersive experience that brings the theatre of string music to new customers everywhere.