Canal+Sport Rebrand

There’s a beauty and elegance to sport that’s often overlooked. We gave Canal+ Sport a visual identity that’s as artistic as it is powerful.

French sports channel Canal+Sport is commended for its quality coverage. Our task was to create a new sports identity that avoided the obvious tropes. Alongside Holman Hunt and United Visual Artists, we created new brand identity that explored a different aspect of the physical emotions associated with sport.

What we did:


AGENCY Holman+Hunt


DOP James Medcraft

MIRROR TECH / ART DEPT United Visual Artists

EDIT Gorilla / DBLG


AUDIO Echoic


Twenty rotating mirrors. A series of adjustable LEDS. Top athletes clad in black. Not your usual tools when so many brands regularly rely on high speed camera work and vanity shots. But as always, our creative vision was to push at the boundaries of the boring. Canal+ Sport has since been watched by over 1 million sports fans across France and Africa.


Our solution involved finding a fresh way of visualising sporting movement entirely in camera.

We collaborated with United Visual Artist to create a computer controlled rig and choreographed 20 oversized mirrors to the sporting actions and LED lights.

Behind the scenes

We created dozens of animatics for each scenario. We worked closely with UVA to map out the timings of the mirrors and lights, taking care to not reflect the camera or crew.


We ran different light cycles through the rig to use as textures in the entire On Screen Presentation kit.

“DBLG has worked on CANAL+ Group’s main branding projects over the last 8 years, bringing their creativity and expertise to the rebranding of STUDIOCANAL, CANAL+ Sport with original, innovative creations.”

Olivier Schaack
Artistic Director